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Top 3 museums to visit this summer


The summer season is really in full swing and there’s no better time to start planning a nice summer getaway trip or holiday. Why not combine that with a learning experience or two? So, without further ado, those are the reasons we decided to put together a short list of museums we recommend you make your way to this summer!

The Estonian Police Museum

I know, the initial idea of a police museum might not sound quite as exciting as some other names, but trust me, you will be surprised! The Estonian Police Museum, located in the beautiful town of Rakvere, offers much more than one might assume. It is actually built to be an interactive museum, something like a theme park, where you can not only learn about the daily work of policemen, but also personally experience their work through a series of fun games and simulations (and even solving crime yourself!). It truly is an experience that teaches you the values of the people who protect us and lets you have tons of fun while doing so.

Riga Motor Museum

This one is for the real gearheads out there that can’t get enough of vintage cars. This antique vehicle museum is the biggest in the Baltics and includes quite a few rare gems, such as a 1938 Auto Union racing car that was almost cut up for scrap! Not only does the museum offer a wide array of impressive vintage cars, it’s worth visiting just for the museum’s historical and exciting atmosphere itself!

Ventspils Open Air Museum

For our last option, we wanted to recommend something a bit different. That’s the perfect way to describe the open air museum in Ventspils, Latvia. A large museum spanning over multiple hectares, it has over 600 exhibits including more than 20 000 items to thoroughly represent the lives and customs of Latvians and Livonians of the past. You can freely walk around the beautiful surroundings, take in all the historical exhibits and artifacts, learn a whole lot, and maybe even stumble upon a potter or smith to give you a demonstration of their skills!