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Facts about Latvia & Traveling in Latvia

 Quick internet speeds The internet browsing speeds in Latvia are surpassed by only a few single countries in the entire world, beating even developed Western countries like the UK, the United States and France. Talk about access to information!     Centered around the capital About 1 in 3 of Latvia’s citizens live in its… Read more

Holiday with children

TOP 5 holidays for families with children

Every now and then, family life at home becomes just a tiny bit too chaotic and stressful and rest isn’t easy to come by. In order to fix that, here are five great destinations that your family could visit to help you get away for a while and just have some fun! Plus, with our… Read more


Top 3 museums to visit this summer

The summer season is really in full swing and there’s no better time to start planning a nice summer getaway trip or holiday. Why not combine that with a learning experience or two? So, without further ado, those are the reasons we decided to put together a short list of museums we recommend you make… Read more

5 best places to visit in the Baltics

Traveling is meant to provide new experiences, help you relax and enrich you culturally, which is often lacking in the most popular tourist traps and vacation spots. So, in order to help you choose your next trip and make it a bit more quirky and exciting, here’s a little list of interesting locations in the… Read more

5 undeniable reasons to travel with Holiday in Baltic

As we all know, there are countless companies offering a wide array of holiday packages and other traveling aid. So what makes Holiday in Baltic so special? Here’s a little overview of what sets up apart: Well-deserved VIP treatment Our trips are all about customization and customer experience. So, whether you’re travelling in Estonia, Latvia,… Read more