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TOP 5 holidays for families with children

Holiday with children

Every now and then, family life at home becomes just a tiny bit too chaotic and stressful and rest isn’t easy to come by. In order to fix that, here are five great destinations that your family could visit to help you get away for a while and just have some fun! Plus, with our help, you can enjoy the ride with your kids, playing around and enjoying the scenery instead of having to navigate and drive the entire time!

Elistvere Animal Park

One of our favourite destinations, Elistvere Animal Park is truly the place to go when your kids are with you. Not only is it highly educational for everyone involved and absolutely packed with fun activities for the family to enjoy, it is also the most picturesque and green getaway one could hope for. Full of Estonian fauna and stunning displays, this one’s a can’t-miss!


Mulgi Pottery House

As the name implies, everything about, well, pottery is the focus of the Mulgi pottery house. It’s a family-friendly destination for a couple of reasons: first of all, the adults of the family can overview real experts at their craft while learning about the rich historical background of the area and the design patterns. Meanwhile, the kids can just have fun getting their hands dirty, attempting to mould a bowl or cup of their own.


Otepää Adventure Park

This is the one place on our list that is recommended for more active families who want to get out there and really get their hands dirty! This adventure park consists of multiple adventure trails that have been built between the trees at varying heights, so people of any age can get involved and have fun! The trails include hanging log bridges, a bit of climbing and even some zip lining – but not to worry, there’s something for absolutely everyone.


Rakvere Stronghold

If you or your children are interested in history, the Rakvere stronghold, dating back to the 13th century, is absolutely a must-visit.  Not only is it the largest castle in Estonia, it has grown to be a big tourist attraction where you can take a look at medieval weaponry, see the grisly torture chambers, taste true medieval foods and even try your hand at archery! This one is best suited for children over 12.


This and That in Latvia

What we mean by the title is that if you want to have a longer trip and get a bit further away, there are plenty of ways to discover the many wonders in Latvia. There’s of course the unique beauty of Riga’s historic architecture, there’s the Open Air Museum in Ventspils with something for everyone, and the beautiful Rundale Palace. Not exactly a bad way to spend a few days with your family, is it? Bear in mind, as this is a longer trip, it is best suited for families with kids that are okay with quite a bit of travel!