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Terms & Conditions

Liability of the tour operator

Holiday in Baltic, as the tour operator, is responsible for the tour to correspond to the description and promises made to the customer.

Tour price includes only those services which are listed in the tour program. Tour operator is not responsible for the promises made by resellers of our tours Tour operator is not responsible for the damage caused by “force majeure”.

Tour operator can’t be held liable if for any reason the customer is not granted a visa to the destination country. The traveler is responsible for obtaining travel insurance.

Travel contract and payment

Travel contract shall take effect at the moment the client has chosen a suitable trip and paid for the product according to the destination. When the customer has registered for the tour over the phone, the contract shall take effect after the agreed prepayment invoice is paid on time.


Without good reason and without travel insurance, the customer has the right to cancel their trip under the following conditions: No later than one calendar month prior to the trip, minus the office expenses of the tour operator (€50 per ordered seat).

No later than 14 days prior to the trip, minus the office expenses of the tour operator and other direct costs (€100 per ordered seat).

If the trip is canceled at a later date, the tour operator has the right to withhold the entire cost of the trip.

If one member of the group cancels their trip and the price is based on a certain number of travelers, the tour operator has the right to charge a fee due to the changes.

If the customer does not show up without a valid reason, or doesn’t have the travel documents required, or can not take part due to any other reason that is not dependent on the tour operator, the cost of the trip will not be refunded. Cancellation conditions with a valid reason: Valid reasons include the illness or death of the customer or his family member (partner, spouse, parent, child), involvement in an accident, fire, major financial losses.

The customer is obliged to notify the tour operator immediately of the occurrence of a valid reason and provide a certificate of proof (from a doctor, police, etc.).

In case of a valid reason, the tour operator has the right to withhold the costs incurred before the cancellation. (i.e office expenses, hotel prepayments, flight tickets, etc.)

Traveller rights and responsibility

The traveler is responsible for having valid travel documents with him.

The traveler is obliged to follow the tour operator’s instructions and rules about the trip.

Also, the internal rules of the hotels and transportation devices and prescriptions of the authorities.

The passenger must not disturb other passengers with their behavior.

The traveler is responsible for damages caused by an intentional or negligent act, which causes damages to the tour operator, means of transport, fellow travelers and third parties.

Travel management errors

Tour operator has made a mistake if the trip does not meet the description or the agreement of the trip.

Small changes in travel arrangements that do not alter the integrity of the trip are not considered faults.

Incomplete information given by resellers is not considered faults.

Claims must be submitted to the tour operator in writing within 10 working days.

Later claims will not be accepted

Damages and compensation

Tour operator will reimburse the customer if the damage results from the action or inaction of the tour operator.

Tour operator reimburses 100% of the travel costs or replaces with an equivalent if the trip is canceled or it fails due to the tour operator’s fault.

Tour operator will not reimburse the customer for external costs or damages caused by circumstances beyond its control.

Tour operator does not reimburse any services included in the tour price that the customer doesn’t use.

Tour operator is not responsible for becoming a victim of a crime.

Tour operator is not responsible if the customer doesn’t show up or is late.

Interpretation of the travel terms

Travel terms and conditions apply to both parties after the contract is signed (article 2).

Differences in the interpretation of the travel terms are solved through negotiations.

In case no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be resolved according to the procedure provided by the law of the Republic of Estonia


After you have placed the order the system automatically issues an order confirmation. Order confirmation does not mean that the order has been shipped; it just means that the order has been received and is waiting for confirmation of payment. If you have not received an invoice within 1 hour after placing the order, please contact us by [email protected] Please check whether you have supplied your correct e-mail address, or whether your e-mail inbox is full or our e-mail has been caught in the spam filter.


When you pay the invoice please do not forget to specify the REFERENCE NUMBER – or invoice number. If the invoice is paid by a person other than the one who placed the order, please also specify the name of the one who placed the order. To cancel an incorrectly entered order, please immediately contact us by e-mail.


After an order has been placed, the client is automatically directed to the payment page of Maksekeskuse interface, where he shall insert his card dataMaksekeskus interface authorises the transaction at the bank through Maksekeskus. After entering the card number, security code and expiry date, the payment is authorised by the client`s bank. When the system requests the card data, the SSL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa will be used, ensuring that the exchanged information cannot be copied or altered by unauthorised persons.

The order is accepted and fulfilled after the sum of the invoice is received on our bank account.

E- shopin transactions are settled in euros (EUR).