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Lemon Festival in French Riviera

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Lemon Festival in French Riviera

The Lemon Festival theme for 2018 is “Bollywood”. Event is one of the biggest festivals in French Riviera. Each year’s celebration, with its colorfulness and falsehood, becomes more popular every year. Three weeks of festivities and parades, exhibitions and decorated gardens. Over 240,000 visitors and over 160,000 tons of lemons and oranges used to decorate. We will visit this festival at day- and night. Different shows to look up. Visiting festival decorated gardens and just enjoy the festival’s himself.

Our journey goes through Italy and France, along the Mediterranean coast. We stay in Genoa and explore the old port city with Seagway help. Nice, of course, a famous high class vacation town.

On the way back, we will take a detour to Torino and learn how to make properly pasta. Looking out the Torino and walking in Milano at evening time. 

As we travel in small groups, we are flexible and fast in the timetables. The stops are more intense and we can make the little detours by the way. Transfers are available at your disposal throughout the trip.

Our packages are chilled water and seasonal fruits at a price.


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