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Processing Of Personal Data

The traveller knows warrants and represents that the use of the website and the taking of steps by the customer calls for the sending of the customer’s personal data to third parties in Estonia and abroad. If the customer takes steps that call for sending the customer’s data (among others, but not only, to service providers or other cooperation partners of the website who are related to the provision of the travel service or enabling paying for the travel service or issuing respective documents), the customer will agree to the sending of their personal data for the purpose of obtaining the travel service. The client is aware of its rights at any time to get information about the personal data collected about themselves and their purpose of use; about whom personal information is transmitted; to request correction of incorrect data; stop processing and deleting, if it is in accordance with the law.

We handle personal information with confidentiality. Personal information is disclosed to third parties only if it is necessary for delivering the goods or in cases prescribed by law.