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5 undeniable reasons to travel with Holiday in Baltic

As we all know, there are countless companies offering a wide array of holiday packages and other traveling aid. So what makes Holiday in Baltic so special? Here’s a little overview of what sets up apart:

Well-deserved VIP treatment

Our trips are all about customization and customer experience. So, whether you’re travelling in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, you’re getting a hands-free, all-inclusive experience tailor-made to your needs, wants, and preferences. You want an exquisite dinner experience? We’ve got you covered with the best restaurants around. Want to feel catered to and pampered? You’re getting driven from one destination to another, no fuss, no hassle.



Worry-free travel

No more panic attacks about faulty GPS, boarding the wrong bus or discovering your map has been the wrong way around an hour into a drive. We’ll organize transportation to and from your destinations, picking you up wherever you want – just how you like it. This means you don’t have to worry about navigation or nerve-wracking time management (and it also means that your entire group can go ahead and have that extra mimosa at brunch). You can simply relax and enjoy the ride.



More (and better) time spent with friends

Not having the pesky task of navigating, driving or constantly budgeting your every step allows you to spend more quality time with your friends and family, returning the focus of the holiday where it should be – on spending time with each other whilst enjoying good food, beautiful scenery, and immersing yourselves in interesting culture.


No prep needed

Since we will do the heavy lifting when it comes to organizing and ensuring comfortable travel, using Holiday in Baltic is the perfect option for fairly spontaneous trips or the ideal present for a graduation or birthday. Just let the happy traveler grab a few clothes here and there and send them on their way to a fantastic, carefree trip!


Hands-free business trips

Our way of doing things simplifies even the usually complicated matters. So when you’re organizing a business trip for yourself or others, you can do so without having to stress about micromanaging the entire thing 24/7. Just make your arrangements with us and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy – the way it should be.


So what are you waiting for? Make the best decision of your entire summer and book your next holiday with us!