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5 best places to visit in the Baltics

Traveling is meant to provide new experiences, help you relax and enrich you culturally, which is often lacking in the most popular tourist traps and vacation spots. So, in order to help you choose your next trip and make it a bit more quirky and exciting, here’s a little list of interesting locations in the Baltics that offer something for everyone.

South Estonia

While this might sound like a fairly broad suggestion, let’s clear this up a bit – there are simply so many great places to visit in South Estonia that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one! Our trip includes visits to Tartu, Võru, Räpina and Põlva, going from one location that looks like it was plucked out of a fairy tale to another. Going around South Estonia is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the rich local cuisine and to get in touch with your natural side.


The most popular destination on our list, Riga nonetheless offers a wide array of activities and sights to see, or simply a great place to enjoy the luxuries of life in an exciting setting. We offer a relaxing, quick trip that exhudes luxury from start to finish, including delicious meals in restaurants and a VIP table at a local nightclub.  Perfect for a weekend getaway!


Gauja National Park & Sigulda

This one is truly a jack of all trades – the Gauja National Park is full of activities to partake in by itself, but after visiting the park you can take in a breathtaking view in the only cable car in the Baltics, get your hair messy in a wind tunnel (again, the only one in the Baltics), or take a tour of Riga’s beautiful Old Town. These areas of Latvia are simply full of stimulating, historically charged and just straight up fun experiences.

Elistvere Animal Park

This one is a more simplistic, wholesome idea for a quick getaway for the whole family. The Elistvere Animal Park is home to numerous animals that call (or used to call) the wonderful nature of Estonia their home, like the European buffalo, the brown bear and the lynx. With stunning walkways and an opportunity to roam the wilderness, visiting the park is a true breath of fresh air, in both the literal and metaphorical sense.


The Onion Route and Põltsamaa

Another option for those who want a piece of multiple worlds – this idea includes both the calming qualities of spending time surrounded by nature, and the indulgent sides of wine-tasting and enjoying local cuisines. Drive along the shores of lake Peipsi, go through the boundless, rich history of the Onion Route, learn about wine-making at a proper winery and spend a night in a castle… sounds like a dream.

Now get out there and travel!